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VMS was formed to provide low cost, easy to use business software for Industry and Business professionals.

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“I’m actually rather excited by some new software that we’re installing at my To-Ta Classics Ltd workshop, here in the West Midlands.

Keeping customers informed of every nut, bolt, hour or minute spent working on their cars and by whom, has hitherto been almost impossible. But with our new Garage Data Systems software, we are able to do exactly that.

What’s more, we can now easily keep track of our consumables and sundries usage, helping us to give more accurate, type-tailored estimates for individual customer enquiries.

We can keep customers informed of any events or promotions and automatically send out M.o.T. and servicing reminders, thus helping to keep relationships fresh.

All in all, the Garage Data Systems software will take our workshop management and customer care to another level, while freeing up myself and my business partner from some of the more onerous office tasks.

The cost of the installation and subscription will be swiftly recouped and we’ll be working way smarter.”

Fuzz Townshend